Friday, August 21, 2009

One hell of a week.

This week was crazy. It was a big week for me as a photographer. I had a four day shoot with Plattform Advertising. I worked with one of their production crews in Nashville, Mufreesboro, and Clarksville this week. The shoots went great and it was awesome working with the crew. The picture above is one of the crew when we did the tourist thing around Nashville together some b-roll. The director of the shoot has a great blog post on his website You can also check out Plattform's website at

In addition to my busy week shooting I also ran into some technical difficulties. This week was the first time in the 5 years that I have been shooting digital that I have had a card corrupt. I have not just had one card corrupt but 3. All 3 cards had important photos for clients on them. I was able to recover all of the photos with out incident. It was still a big heart stopper. I am replacing 2 CF cards and 1 SD card this week in addition to a card reader. This should solve the problem. If not the 1DMKIII will be sent back to Canon to see what is wrong.

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