Thursday, August 27, 2009

Melanie Dunea

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a photographer that had previously been unknown to me. The photographer is Melanie Dunea. She came onto Nashville to work on a book project called "My Country" you can find out more details about the book on her blog She has been shooting some of the biggest names in country music for her book. I was asked by a friend to be one of the assistants on a shoot for the book. So yesterday I assisted Melanie Dunea on her shoot with fellow assistants David Johnson and Wes Aldridge. It was a great shoot. Melanie took pictures of two major country stars. The first shoot of the day was at a small town drive in just south of Nashville. The second shoot was at Lawrence Tubb Record Shop. Between the shoots we stopped off and had lunch at Arnolds Country Kitchen which is an amazing meat n three. Melanie is an amazing photographer. She has a great report with her subjects and really tries to understand them. She also works amazingly quickly.

To find out more about Melanie Dunea visit her website where you will find some absolutely amazing photography.

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