Monday, November 30, 2009


So this is a slightly off topic post. My wife and I have decided to train for a 5k run. When I was first thinking about this I thought it had no relation to my photography. Then this morning it hit me training to run a 5k does have a lot to do with photography. Living healthy and having a healthy lifestlye reflects in your photography. I have found myself being tired after a day of shooting pictures. In reality this is really sad that I can be tired after a day of holding a camera up and moving lights around. It is by no means back breaking labor and really should not tire me out in the slightest. I have also heard other photographers complain of back pain and getting tired from holding a camera up. I have to encourage everyone to eat healthy and exercise. From time to time I will up date on how the running is going and maybe post some fitness tips. Remember that how you feel on set reflects the outcome.

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  1. Kudos on bettering your life. Hope you can hear my rooting all the way from SoCal.