Friday, February 4, 2011

Studio (stu*di*o) Pronunciation /ˈst(y)o͞odēˌō, ˈst(j)udiˌoʊ

1. a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, ect., works.  

A studio is an integral part of a commercial photographer’s life. The studio is used as an office, storage, and place to hold a shoot. A studio is a photographer’s personal workspace. I have been looking to get into a good photography studio, but I have found studios are expensive. The average cost to rent a studio for a half day in Nashville, TN is $300. That is a hefty price tag for 4-6 hours of usage, especially if you are shooting a headshot for $500. It’s hard to justify that additional cost to a client.

Some studios allow monthly renters where photographers pay a set monthly fee for using the studio for 4-5days a month. Often times these studios will also offer office space. The problem is in these studios photographers’ personalities are always butting heads and there are always scheduling problems.

I have been in the search for the perfect photo studio for several months. I want a place where I can work everyday. I want to have my own office and my own storage space. I want to be able to have a studio that I can call my own. Unfortunately the options that I have found in Nashville do not a good fit for me right now, especially when it comes down to cost.

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