Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Canon 1D MK III

I purchased my Canon 1D Mark III in November of 2007.  At the time the camera was hard to find and I ended up ordering mine for the people over at 17th Street Photo.  I have provided a link to the left that will allow you to purchase the camera though Amazon.  I am an Amazon affiliate and purchasing though the links provided helps me to run my blog.  At the time in 2007 there was a lot of debate about wither or not the camera focused properly.  To read about the saga for the Canon 1D Mark III focus issues visit Rob Galbraith's website.  Rob also has a much more in depth review on his website that maybe helpful to some people trying to make up their mind about this camera here is the link to Rob's review of the camera.  

In the three years that I have owned my Canon 1D Mark III I have professionally covered: high school and college basketball, high school and college football, high school soccer, high school swimming, NASCAR, IRL, head shots, public relations events, concerts, dances, commercial shoots, etc.  You get the picture I have used this camera in a number of demanding environments for three years.  In that time I have had no issues with the camera.  The camera has performed fine in temperatures above 100f and below 0f.  The camera has been used in the wind and in the rain, and dusty environments.  The camera has even been dropped on several occasions.

The camera has an excellent focus system that has 19 user selectable points that focuses with amazing speed and accuracy.  The one week spot in the cameras focus system is when it is tracking an object that is coming toward the camera and the object changes speed.  Having said that it is an issue that if you know it exist you can work around.

The camera is very well constructed.  Like I have said mine has lasted 3 years in some extreme conditions and has stood up well to everything that it has seen.  My camera has well over 100k exposure taken with it.

High ISO performance with the 1DMKIII is phenomenal.  The camera is usable in a photojournalism setting up to its max ISO of 6,400.

If I were to purchase a camera again in 2007 it would be this camera.  Today I would not recommend purchasing a new 1DMKIII.  I would recommend either buying a used one or if you insist on buying new I would go for a Canon 1D MKIV or Canon 5D MKII depending on user need.  The 1D MKIV really does improve on the focus of the 1DMKIII.  Also the extra MP of the MKIV and extra high iso resolution are welcomed editions to the camera.

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