Thursday, August 5, 2010

Razzle 900

Just a few days back I had my 25th birthday. It was an amazing day thanks to my friends and family. My wife had a little something extra to surpass me with. That little something extra arrived today in the shape of a Razzle 900 camera. I have not had time to do a shoot with the camera, but I will be doing one soon. I will update this blog with pictures of the camera asap.

The Razzle 900 is a Polaroid 900 body that has been converted to shoot with a 4x5 back, and has a nicer lens this particular one has a Fujinon 150mm f5.6 W lens. The beauty of shooting 4x5 is that you have a large negative which is just stunningly beautiful. The images quality form this camera will be amazing. Especially considering that it is a small folding camera that can be hand held.

The front page of the Razzle website has a picture of my camera. Here is the link.

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